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Industries We Serve

Mall Management

Our Motorola Walkie Talkie assist the Mall Management to get over the challenge of controlling crowds or activities. Multiple groups can communicate with each other simultaneously to carry effective management of situations.

Oil & Gas Refinery

Our Walkie Talkie features communications across an unlimited work group size sanctioning critical messages to pass on instantly and with quality. Our Walkie Talkies are designed to be safe and handy to perform under the most drilling conditions.

Manufacturing company

Even with machinery and people spread over a large area, our Motorola Two-Way Radio enables teamwork and co-operation with increased productivity to your bottom line. As a Walky Talky dealer we commit our products to be robust and easy to use.


Be it a coal mine or a diamond mine, if you work in a high noise underground tunnel amidst flying dust and debris, Motorola Two-Way Radio or walky talky gives instant connection at a simple press of a button.


Increased efficiency and safety is what you can expect with the ruggedly designed Motorola Two-Way Radio. From directing the crane operator to scheduling and coordinating a pipe shipment, you are informed and in control at all times.


Conducting floor-to-floor security checks, tackling sprinkler bursts and managing understaffed and overstretched ballroom staff, Motorola Walky Talky is a smart investment. Instant response with Motorola Two-Way Radios guarantees a clock-work hotel operation.

Use Walkie Talkie to:

  • initiate instant communications
  • enhance businesses’ health and safety practices
  • keep employees informed of urgent information throughout the day
  • optimum utilization of resources
  • faster turnaround time
  • enhanced organizational efficiency

Our Commitment as a best Walkie Talkie Dealer

  • We are committed to support the character and integrity of the communications business, which is the foundation of our work.
  • As a professional walkie talkie dealer we deliver service to our clients that meets their requirements. And also preserve statutory and legislative necessities.
  • We commit to use Ethical practices only in the scope of our business.

Featured Walkie Talkie Products

BD 508 Hytera Wakie Talkie

Compact design
Fully dependable product
Super-clear communications
Voice announcements
Compatible with other digital and analogue radios

GP328 and GP338

The Power Tool for Contact & Control


Designed for people who want contact and control. It comes with an affordable one time fixed investment cost and no talktime charges. It brings new level of productivity to your workplace.

The Professional Radio Series Signalling Features:
PTT-ID: Every time the PTT button is pressed, a unique ID is sent. This allows the dispatcher to identify which radio is transmitting.

Call Alert: If your call to a radio is unanswered, you can leave a page for that person. The radio emits an alert tone until a response is made

Voice Selective Call: The radio recives an individual or group voice mesage with an alert to indicate that it is a selective call.

Radio Check: Auto check if radio is operating or within range.

Selective Radio In Inhibit: Radio can be desabled over the-air from control system preventing unauthorised usage of stolen or lost radio.

Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) Signaling Encode:
Easy access to land-line telephone network or to operate remote control devices

Moto GP328 and GP338 - Motorola walkie talkie

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