What features do I need to consider when buying a walkie talkie?

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What features do I need to consider when buying a walkie talkie?

Businesses all over the world use Walkie Talkies to communicate over short distance. And why not it is the most convenient and easy to use communicating device. But, there are a certain key features which should be considered when buying a walkie talkie.

Let’s discuss the key features which should be considered when buying a walkie talkie.

Key Features when buying a Walkie Talkie

When you plan to buy a walkie talkie for your personal or commercial use, lay attention to the essentials details. Because every purpose has a different walkie talkie to opt for. And care should be taken to choose the best possible option of two-way radio.

#1. Radio Frequency

The majority of the leading brands of walkie talkies are functional on Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio waves of range between 400 – 512 MHz. UHF  can conveniently penetrate through metal and concrete structures. Hence UHF walkie talkies are a preferred choice for usage in populated areas like towns and cities, or for heavily wooded or hilly/mountain areas.

The best usage of UHF radio waves is for short distances, indoor or personal usage, warehouses, schools and retail stores etc.

But when the usage is for communicating two-way for longer distances, Very High Frequency (VHF) radio waves are recommended. VHF radio waves are functional between a range of 136 – 174 MHz. Since it has a longer wavelength than UHF, therefore it can travel to longer distances than a UHF walkie talkie range.

This factor makes VHF walkie talkies an ideal match for usage in outdoor environments. Another important factor is that VHF signals cannot penetrate through metal and concrete, efficiently. Therefore VHF walkie talkies should not be a preferred choice for populated or indoor environments.

Therefore two-way radios which use VHF radio waves for operation are best for outdoor activities. Such as trekking, camping or aviation and marine communication, maintenance workers, open fields, golf courses, outdoor security and other commercial uses.

Apart from these two majorly used frequency range, there are two other radio services. The below radio services are best recommended for recreational activities.

#2. Range

Mostly the maximum range covered by a walkie talkie is 1 0r 2 miles. But this definitely does not mean that two-way communication will happen clearly within this range. This is because factors like presence of metal, wood or other similar items may affect the travel of radio waves. Thereby causing a communication pause.

When buying a walkie talkie check the range and the frequency it works on for best and desirable results.

Moreover, for some countries you may need to purchase a license from an authoritative entity if you wish to go beyond this range of 2miles. Ask your walkie talkie dealer about licensing requirements.

#3. Talktime

The walkie talkies can work on two battery modes:

  • Either built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Or, standard batteries.

The standard batteries ideally survive for 2 – 12 hours, depending on the conditions and the features of the tw0-way radio.

If your operation requires an extensive use of walkie talkies then choosing inbuilt rechargeable batteries is an ideal option.

Both the option choices will also depend on the availability of power source. Because rechargeable batteries require power input while standard batteries do not. Hence, standard battery operated walkie talkie  are best options for trekking or camping.

Furthermore, for standard batteries AA batteries walkie talkie are a better option against AAA batteries walky talky. Because walkie talkies using AA batteries have a much higher capacity than AAA batteries.

However, AAA battery operated walkie talkies are lighter in weight than AA operated walky talky.

#4. Walkie Talkie Handset Material

Mostly all the walkie talkies are built of Plastic.

But it is the standard and durability of the plastic that sets them apart from each other in terms of quality.

Generally walkie talkies are made of a high-gloss plastic body. This way not only do they appear attractive but also are comfortable to hold in palms. It forms a better grip because of the side grooves on the handset.

If your operation is more robust and works in extreme conditions then go for a higher grade walkie talkie built with a rubberized plastic body. Walkie talkies with rubber plastic body are much more robust and are mostly water-proof.

Further, if your work requires you to go hands-free, then opt for higher grade walkie talkie. Just plug in the earpiece into the walkie talkie and you are good to go.

If you wish to buy walkie talkie for your children for fun and recreational activities then choose one witha strap to be tied on the wrist.

Additional Features


When buying a walkie talkie be specific about your usage. If your walkie talkie usage is just for fun activity then a few channels will work. But if the operation requires many people to be connected with each other then choose a walkie talkie with multiple channels.


Wattage and range are directly proportional. General walkie talkie wattage range from 0.5 W to 5.0 W, the higher the wattage goes, the better is the range of two-way radio.

Privacy codes

If you want the communication between two people to be encrypted then look for Privacy codes. The receiver has to input the same privacy code to communicate with the person at the other end.

Backlit display

Working in night? Make sure your walkie talkie has the backlit display feature to be accessible in the dark.


Extremely important when going on a trek or on a camp. Afterall who likes to lose direction on a recreational trip.


If you are required to operate in a noisy environment then opt for a walkie talkie with a designated mic for noise-cancellation.

Concluding how to buy a walkie talkie

While buying a walkie talkie is very simple but a little guide on how to buy and what features to be considered while buying a walkie talkie is an extra help.

Consider and compare all the features and then choose your walkie talkie wisely depending on you requirement.

If you are looking to buy a walkie talkie then contact best walkie talkie dealer in Delhi.

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