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GM338 - walkie talkie


The market trends and customer demands in today’s business world are changing in blink’s mode. Therefore it is crucial to have a walkie talkie device which will ease the communication and make the most of the efficiency. Hence Motorola introduces GM338 so as to facilitate instant and reliable transmission of messages between team members.

To explain further it helps a courier delivery boy in coordinating with the direction. Additionally a supervisor who needs instant help at an accident site is able to manage emergency backup. In fact a transportation company can also use GM338 walky talky device for active management.

Key Features and Benefits of GM338

One Touch Access

It has 4 customized buttons for the users to have the choice of assigning the most valuable operations to these buttons. So as to facilitate a prompt one touch access.

Recording and Playback

With GM338’s possible voice storage feature you can record and playback the messages for up to 120 seconds.

128 Channel Volume

Users can improve communication productivity by utilizing the 128 channel volume of GM338. To explain further; a user can plug-in each channel separately for diverse power output.

Large alphanumeric display

Its 14 Characters 1-line Alphanumeric Display eases the reading of text and icons like signal strength indicator and caller identification in the two-way radio device.

Advanced Signalling Competence

It provides a wide-range of signaling structures such as MDC1200, Private Line & Digital Private Line, Quick Call II and DTMF.

Excellent Audio Output

GM-338 audio output is crisp clear even in noisy work places. This is because of its superior voice compression and low level expansion technology.

Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/20/25 kHz)

The users need not worry if their country’s regulatory changes the channel spacing requirement. Because this two-way radio permits programmable channel spacing of 12.5/20/25kHz.

Easy Navigation

Because of its large control buttons on the front panel of the walky talky, the user can effortlessly navigate between menu and exit functions.

Dual Priority Scan

With this unique feature of dual priority scan the user of walkie talkie can assign repeated scanning of priority channels.

Concealed Emergency Signalling

It also features the distinguished advantage of sending secret signals for help so as to provide that extra help in tense situations.

Call/Message Templates

There are 16 message templates to enable users to send messages or status in a speedy manner.

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