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GP328 - Motorola Walky Talky in Delhi NCR


The Motorola walkie talkie – GP328 is the most perfect solution for the instant communication requirements of professionals. It helps to increase the productivity by initiating instant two-way communication. And at the same allowing the user to concentrate on his core job rather than wasting all the time in handling the walky talky device.

Robust, Light in Weight and Simple to Operate

GP328 is the best option for you to connect instantly within your workplace. Particularly when there is a requirement of:

  • extensive range coverage within the workplace
  • easy to use walkie talkie device
  • contacting people on the go
  • making several calls to duplicate the same message
  • managing multiple buildings at the same time

Key Features and Benefits of Motorola GP328

Crisper Sound Quality

GP328 has built in X-PAND Technology from Motorola. Therefore the users hear crisper, clearer and stronger audio output. Thereby allowing the user to communicate two-ways even in a loud work background.

Tri-color LED Indicator

The walky talky device includes a tri-color LED battery indicator so as to alert the user beforehand of a low battery level. Therefore the user gets notified well in advance and does not lose on any important communication in the middle.

Crisis Alert

If you are stuck in an unforeseen situation then GP328 allows you to send alert signals with an easy to use, one touch button. Just as you press the button a sharp alarm is raised to seek help for you.

Preserve Battery Consumption

With its switchable RF Power Level the user has access to enhanced coverage. Along with it the user can also preserve the consumption of battery.

Programmable Channel Spacing Of 12.5/25khz Mode

This Motorola walkie talkie allows you to migrate into any channel spacing suiting best to your requirement.

Repeater/Talkaround – Enable/Disable

The user can choose either to communicate using a repeater for wide area coverage. Or can connect directly to the other unit by skipping the repeater.

Tight or Normal Squelch

The walky talky user has the option to choose either the tight squelch to screen out unnecessary noise. Or can choose the normal squelch for usual coverage.

Field Retrofit Option Boards

If the built in features are not enough to solve your work purpose. Then you can expand its functionality without any hassle.

Option Boards are accessible for:

  • DTMF Decode for incoming calls capability;
  • Voice Storage for recording and playing back voice messages

Internal Voice Operated Transmission (Vox)

GP328 has the additional feature of allowing the user to have hands free operation. The user can activate this feature for an easy hands free communication.

Assign Ringtones

You can assign 8 different ringtones to the most frequent users or talk groups. Therefore you don’t have to look closely who is calling each time your walky talky rings.

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