How to choose the best Walkie Talkie for your requirement?

How to choose the best Walkie Talkie for your requirement?

5 Top Features to check while choosing the best walkie talkie

Just as you realize that you need a best walkie talkie for your personal or professional use. The immediate question that bounces to your mind is:

Which walkie talkie is the best for me?


How should I choose the best walkie talkie device as per my need?

Well as a walkie talkie dealer in Delhi India we are more than happy to help you with the answer. Because we understand that by choosing the best walkie talkie you can:

  • Increase safety
  • Enhance productivity,
  • Increase customer or employee satisfaction, and
  • Grow profits

Before digging deep into how to choose the walky talky let us first understand the importance of a walky talky.

But why choose walkie talkies over cell-phones?

You must be wondering that why I should spend extra money on walkie-talkies when almost all of us can stay connected with cell-phones.


“Cell-phone’s network can die, but airwaves do not!”


While the increased use of mobile phones with push-to-talk feature has gained popularity. But it certainly cannot beat the importance of two-way radio devices.

You cannot stay dependent on the network of cell phones. And we all would agree with this, right!

For this reason it is imperative to use walkie talkie devices with supported features to render the best two-way communication service.

To explain how to pick the right walky talky or two-way radio device for your need, we have structured the most important 5 factors below.

#1. The environment of usage of walky talky

This is/has to be the first step for choosing the best walkie talkie device for your requirement. Because the environment in which the portable radio will be used is crucial.

For instance, you cannot use a high tech walkie talkie if all you aim is for kids to have fun. Similarly if your requirement is to communicate under water. Then go for water-proof walkie talkie.

Or, if you want to go hunting or for any other adventure. Then choose a Motorola walkie talkie which is built for emergency preparedness. Also has a long battery life.

If you want to stay connected with your group, or if you demand for group cooperation. Then a digital two-way radio is your best bet.

#2. Radio Frequency

While choosing the best walkie talkie you have to take the unit of radio frequency in account. Because wireless two-way communication happens with the use of radio waves.

Radio waves have different radio frequencies. Which means that you can select a particular channel/signal by tuning into a specific radio frequency.

UHF vs VHF - Walkie Talkie Dealers Delhi India

The two major formats of radio frequency are:

  1. Ultra High Frequency (UHF)
  2. Very High Frequency (VHF)

Both the formats have their usage depending on the requirement of the user.

UHF Radio

The UHF radio frequency for commercial radios ranges from 400 – 512 MHz. Two-way radios, GPS, Bluetooth, cordless phones, and WiFi operates in this frequency.

The good part

UHF radios have lower range with more number of channels. Hence it becomes a suitable option for populated areas. Because with its lower range the distant radios will less likely interfere with your channel.

The shorter wavelength of UHF allows it to penetrate through more spaces in a building. Thereby featuring fewer hindrances that block its frequency completely.

Another pros of a UHF radio is that due to its shorter wavelength the antenna on the walkie talkie is shorter. Hence making it more compatible to carry around in work place.

The not so good part

The Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) necessitates a license for the use of radios in these frequencies.

VHF Radio

The VHF radio frequency for commercial radios ranges from 130 – 174 MHz. FM radio, two-way radios, and television broadcasts works best in this range.

The good part

VHF radios have frequencies suiting for long range transmissions. Owing to its longer existence, the equipment price is much cheaper as compared to similar UHF equipment.

Also the battery life of VHF radios is usually always better in comparison with similar UHF units.

The not so good part

Since the wavelength of VFH radio is bigger. So the antenna on the walkie talkie device is also bigger. Thereby making it a bit uncomfortable to carry around.

Another disadvantage of a VHF radio is its interference with other radio signals. As a result of its small number of available frequencies.

In a nut shell…

If your usage of walkie talkie is mainly inside a building then place your bet on UHF. Although VHF radios will also work fine in most applications.

And if your necessity of work is outdoors then a VHF radio is most likely the best choice. Except when you are using the radio device in a wooded area. Under which a UHF radio will transmit in a better way through the trees.

In other words, VHF and UHF both can work for you depending on the conditions and the range you need to cover.

Note:  UHF radios do not connect with VHF radios! Therefore if you are looking to expand the units of your existing radios make sure to select the same band.

#3. Power Output for best walkie talkie selection

Next important factor for an enhanced two-way communication between walkie talkies is its power output. And this power output is measured in “watts.”

Additionally a handheld walky talky generally operates at 1-5 watts. To emphasize, if the radio is used in a single building or in outdoor for less than 1 mile. Then a 1 watt radio will work fine.

But if the 2-way radios are used to connect between several buildings or in outdoors for up to 2 miles. Then a 2-watt radio is ideal.

In addition to this a vehicle mobile radio operates between a ranges of 5 to 100 watts. Apparently a two-way radio with more watts can transmit farther.

#4. The range of 2 way radios

In most cases when you go to a walkie talkie dealer you come back buying a radio device boasting of 15 miles, 25 miles or even 50 miles range. But when it is actually put to work it doesn’t operate in a range of 1 mile also.


Because of the factor responsible for reducing the range of a radio device. And that is “obstacles”.

As a matter of fact these obstacles absorb and reflect the radio waves. As a result the radio which was boasted of 15 miles of range doesn’t work even in a mile.

But the same two way radio works just fine when both the users are at peaks of mountains with nothing in between.

The Motorola two-way radios connect “line of sight”. Which means that if a user can see between two points, then the radio should also be able to transmit between these two points.

Significantly if these two points are not visible to the user, then communication between these two points become even more difficult.

Therefore, for getting more range either the antenna size should be increased. Or the power of the radio should be increased. And sometimes you have to work a combination of both antenna and power to get a better range.

#5. Channels in Walkie Talkie

Two-way radios can have multiple channels to suit the requirements of the user. If your requirement demands a group to stay in connection at the same time. In that case a 1 channel radio will solve the purpose.

But if your work demands coordination between different groups. And you do not want a group to be disturbed by the communication of the other group. Then you will need multiple channel radio for best walkie talkie experience.

Additionally a manager or the person in charge can seamlessly coordinate between multiple groups by a radio that “scans”. So as to connect with any group by tuning in to the desired channel.

For instance if you are in a construction company. Then you can set Channel A for Internal office, Channel B for Contractors, Channel C for Financial dept. and so on.

Summary for choosing the best walkie talkie

Walkie talkies are a business investment for a seamless operation. Therefore choosing the right kind of two-way radio is very important.

While by selecting the right fit for your business you are enhancing the communication. Additionally you are also escaping the unnecessary trouble of replacing the already purchased radios. Because you chose the right walky talky for your business.

Contact a professional distributor of walkie talkie for further advice on the purchasing and price of two-way radio devices.

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