How to get a walkie talkie license in India?

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How to get a walkie talkie license in India?

There are two broad classes of walkie talkies – licensed walkie talkie and license free walkie talkie. Both of these are legal to use in India. But for licensed ones you need to get an operating license from the authoritative departments.

Where to apply to get walkie talkie license in India

If your business operations require high range walkie talkies then you must go for licensed walky talky. To acquire a license you need to contact the Wireless Planning & Coordination with an application to allot you a frequency.

WPC is a wing of Ministry of Communications of the Government of India. The department takes care of issuing amateur radio licenses, allotting the frequency spectrum and monitoring the frequency spectrum. The WPC has its headquarter in New Delhi and regional branches in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Guwahati.

The application must specify the purpose of acquiring license for your two-way radio. If the WPC is satisfied by your reasoning then it will issue an agreement in almost 4 weeks from the date of submission of application.

The government has dedicated spot frequencies for different industries like entertainment, security etc. Once you get the frequency allocated, you will then have to acquire walkie talkies which are configured on that frequency.

Also, you will have to renew your license every year in order to communicate through the licensed walkie talkie.

Cost of walkie talkie license

Primarily the cost of getting walkie talkie license depends on the range expected and the purpose of operation. For instance, if you need a walkie talkie for a range of 2 km then it will cost you Rs.500 per walky per year for a maximum of 6 walkies.

But, if you need more than 5km range or full city range, then the price goes up.

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