How to use walkie talkies

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How to use walkie talkies

Before discussing how to use walkie talkies in detail let us first refresh our memory about;

What is a Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie Radios are easy-to-carry, handheld, two-way radios through which two-way, wireless communication is conducted, between groups or individuals who are on same single, shared frequency band.


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The above image is of a general Motorola walkie talkie device and by understanding the parts it will be easy to use walkie talkies. Walkie talkies have a long-run battery which is chargeable so you can charge it just like you recharge a mobile phone.

Further each and every walky talky has an Antenna for the purpose of sending and receiving radio signals.

The loudspeaker button doubles up as a mic when you hit the Push-to-Talk button and speak into it. Since it is the 21st century now, so now you may also find walkie talkies which have the loudspeaker and mic in separate buttons.

If you have some questions about two-way radios read the FAQs about walkie talkies.

How to use Walkie Talkies

It is very simple and convenient to use walkie talkies for communication. You can choose among a variety of walky talky options, depending on your requirement.

Learn how to choose walkie talkie.

The first step is that all the people willing to communicate have to tune in to the same frequency band. This similar frequency band is called a Channel.

Next if your aim is to listen to the conversation happening. Then just press the loudspeaker button and listen to the conversation.

But, if you wish to say something in the conversation then you have to first press the push-to-talk button. And then the loudspeaker/mic button and then speak.

When you have finished talking your part then it is important for you to say “over”. And then release the push-to-talk button. This way you will again enter into the listening mode.

The electronic components in a walky talky handset converts the sound or words you speak into radio waves and then it is transmitted (sent) to the selected channel. This process is called transmission.

Further, the same electronic components convert the radio frequency signals into words, when someone speaks on the other end. This way you can hear what they say on your loudspeaker. This process in called reception.

Worrying about the delay?

Well the radio waves fall under the Electromagentic Spectrum. Therefore they travel at the speed of light i.e. 300,000 km/second or 186,000 miles/second. This makes it possible for the radio communications to send/receive signals. And then use them for transmission or reception without any delay.

One misconception

There is a very common misconception about the length of the antennas. Yes there were times when the length of the antenna was the measure of the strength of transmission and reception signals.

But now,

With the technological advancements, the electronic gears in a walkie talkie are capable enough to process strong transmission and receiving signals.

What next?

Now that you know it is very easy to use walkie talkies, go ahead and contact our walkie talkie dealer in Delhi to purchase your two-way radio.

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