MOTOTRBO XiR P6600 SERIES – A Digital Radio Series



It is very important to keep the employees connected and coordinated while monitoring the supply needs in a manufacturing line. Therefore MOTOTRBO XiR P6600 Series comes with a solution by being the world’s most accessible digital radio solution.

The MOTOTRBO XiR P6600 series answers the demanding communication questions by its superlative audio quality. Hence the users can communicate easily in noisy and difficult environment with its Intelligent Audio and Voice announcement features.

The MOTOTRBO XiR P6600 series is available in UHF and VHF frequency bands. In addition to this it is a non-display model. Thereby featuring 16-channel capacity, two programmable buttons and IP55 specifications for water protection.

Key Features of MOTOTRBO XiR P6600 series

Superior Privacy

The XiR P6600 series includes an in built scrambling for an enhanced and secure usage.

Interrupt Communicate

It comes with a very unique feature of transmit interruption. Hence it enables a user to interrupt an on-going another radio conversation. So as to deliver critical communication at the right time to the right person.

Intelligent Audio

The MOTOTRBO XiR P6600 series comes with a loud front-facing speaker and Intelligent Audio feature. Therefore it automatically adjusts the radio volume according to the environment’s noise level.

Analog and Digital Interoperability

It functions perfectly fine in both analog and digital modes. Additionally it supports the dynamic mixed mode repeater. Which streamlines automatic switching between analog and digital calls. Hence the user needs only one repeater to operate both modes.

Robust Design

The XiR P6600 series comes with a rugged design. Therefore it is strongly sealed against wind and dust with a water protection rating of IP55.


  • Power Output –1W/4W – UHF, 1W/5W – VHF
  • Frequency Band – VHF, UHF Wideband
  • Battery Life – 11.5 hours in digital mode, 8 hours in analog mode
  • Repeater Capable – Yes
  • Voice Operated Transmit – Yes
  • Group Calls – Yes
  • Missed Call Alerts – Yes
  • Number of Channels – 16
  • System Type – TDMA, Capacity Plus
  • Busy Channel Lockout – Yes
  • Caller Id – Yes
  • Channel Spacing – 12.5, 25
  • CPS (Customer Programming Software) – Yes
  • Call Forward – Yes
  • Transmit Interrupt – Yes
  • Digital Private Line – Yes
  • Monitor Permanent (Sticky) Monitor – Yes
  • Signaling – MDC (Encode/Decode), Quik-Call II (Encode/Decode), DTMF Encode
  • Scan Types – Normal, Priority, Dual priority, Nuisance channel delete, Talk group, All group, System, Home revert

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