VX-451 Portable Analog Walkie

VX-451 - Motorola walky talky best price



Robust, Sharp & Responsive VX-451 Portable Analog Radio

The industrial grade VX-451 portable analog radio  is of special use to ease in heavy duty.

The built-in features of VX-451 walkie talkie expands the worker uptime. And also increases the safety applications for heavy duty use.

VX-451 Portable Analog Radio:

  • 3 custom-programmable keys

Additional Features of VX-451:

  • Voice inversion encryption
  • Manual on/off encryption
  • RX/TX Battery power save
  • DTMF ANI/ Speed Dial/Paging
  • CTCSS/DCS Encode and Decode
  • Stun/Kill/revive (5-tone)
  • Compander
  • Clear voice
  • Whisper
  • Minimum volume control
  • Manual squelch adjustment
  • BCLO, BTLO and TOT Functions
  • 2-Tone Encode/Decode
  • 5-Tone Encode/Decode
  • Programmable LED color alert
  • Priority Scan
  • Dual Watch Scan
  • Follow-me scan
  • Talk Around scan
  • Radio to radio cloning
  • LTR® Trunking

Why choose VX-451 Walkie Talkie

#1. Safety comes first

As a standard practice for all Vertex Standard Walkie Talkies safety takes the first place. Therefore VX-451 portable radio includes built-in Emergency and Lone Worker alerts.

The radio switches to a designated channel when the user presses the emergency button. And immediately sends an alert for help.

#2. Essential for Hazardous Locations

This portable radio is SGS certified to the requirements of ANSI/UL913 5th Edition. In particular very useful to beat the unfortunate events at hazardous locations.

#3. Survives extreme and harsh conditions

The walky talky survives extremely harsh conditions with its robust build.

It meets the military standards for strength and meets the IP 57 ingress protection standard. This implies that if the radio is submersed in water to a depth of 3 feet for up to 30 minutes. Then also it does no harm to the mechanism of the walky talky.

#4. Crisp Audio Output

The two-way radio supports 700 mW loud audio output. Significantly this scale works the best in loud and noisy work environments.

Additionally it uses voice activation (VOX) when used with MH-81A4B headset. Thus enabling users to operate VX-451 walkie talkie without pressing the Push To Talk button.

#5. Channel Description

It has an added feature of Channel Announcement.

Specifically to ease the changing of channels by speaking the channel description. So as to allow the users to focus on other tasks simultaneously.

It can record up to 120 seconds of voice messages using the optional DVS-8 Voice Storage unit.

#6. Built-in Selective Signaling Modes for Greater Flexibility

The walkie talkie includes MDC-1200® encode/decode along with both 2-tone and 5-tone encode/ decode. Thereby providing selective radio calling and efficiency in supporting a variety of discreet communications needs.


Buy the VX-451 radio device

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